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XM Playground v.1.0

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Created & Released on: 1/7/99

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XM Playground contains:

o Desert Between
o FallGrave
o FallWeb
o Gimble (modified)
o Lagoon (modified)
o Proving (modified)
o Snow
o Venice

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Comments: Changed a few units, paid attention to changing sounds
and giving some special abilities, but not too special that it makes
the map unplayable.

Known Bugs: The wight with flies was supposted to have the attack of
a Maul, and the special ability to heal himself.. Upon testing I found
that he couldn't hit, and didn't heal himself.. but I decided to release
the map pack anyway, since the regular wight acts as a regular wight,
this wight that is goofy is only on gimble, I believe. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: XM aren't responsible for contents of this map pack.
You should be 18+ legal years of age to be playing this, if you get
offended, then that's your problem, if you're a kid and your parents
freak out, they should take away your computer forever, and force you
to do chores for 8 hours a day, 40 days a week, and scold you for
downloading a map that was for adults only.

- - XM - -

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