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Pirate's Life for Me   v2

Place the "Pirate2" document in your plugins folder. "Pirate2" is the new plugin.
You should throw out the older version named "pirate" if you have it.

The following changes have been made to this map:

The two starting locations on the island have been expanded and now have better
defenses; each side has a walled fort with a tower.

Unit costs and numbers have been modified for better balance. Ghols were also
added into the mix

Exploding barrels. Barrels either contain mandrake roots or satchells.

Tips about cannons: Cannons are long range weapons. They cannot fire at enemies at
close range. (That's what dwarves are for) Cannons can fire half way across the map.
Either target an enemy unit or target the ground. They are not rapid fire weapons-
they have a reload time of approx 14 seconds.

Suggestions on using 3rd party maps for the first time:

For the first time you are playing a particular 3rd party map, starting a game by
yourself without any other players present seems to sort out the problem of not
seeing the pregame image, and it also makes assassin games less prone to starting
players out with a disappearing baron.

It took well over 100 hours to get the map where it is today. Hope you enjoy it, matey.
If'n ya like it, spread the word.

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