; Mythgraveyard

This mapset includes new maps and there are a few maps that have already been published but there were fixes. Some of the units were too powerful, that was fixed. Some terrain editing, last minute health changes etc.
Now "If I Had a Phoenix" map, actually has a Phoenix unit option... somehow I missed that last time.

Please send bug reports or comments to: eddy_painting@hotmail.com

Try killing some deer in the Wraith's Den map.
Some of the levels have different units depending on what difficulty you play.
The Ancient Mages taunt make you invisible to the naked eye but if another unit has already targeted you its too late.
There are several easter eggs on the maps try to find them all.
Putting the right units in the circle behind your start position in Valley of Souls map will give you a rewarding trade.
Thrall can pick up objects... Its a good thing.

Id like to thank testers TCO, WS, many others including Shaman, Khelben and Frodo.

LEGALESE: Made in whole or part with Bungie's Fear and Loathing mapmaking tools Bungie net retains all rights.

I wish I could think of something funny to write here, but . . .

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