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Phantom Hounds: The Call of Glory is an Onyx Warlords Mapmaking Team production.
The Onyx Warlords are: Horus, Graydon, A-Red, Plague Bearer, Jagman, Carlinho, Pyro, Zeph, Oogabooga, Ar, Souly, and Fury.

Phantom Hounds: The Call of Glory follows an elite special-ops team called The Phantom Hounds serving in Maeldun’s legion during The Great War. The long-neglected force has been set on guard duty in a series of remote outposts where their talents are going to waste. But sinister things are afoot…

Play cat-and-mouse with the Dark for control of a pair of fortresses in Nowhere. Blast your way through The Tormentor’s Wight factory in Bloat. Stand fast against the back-breaking three-pronged assault of The Watcher’s army in Plague on the Toven. Experience The Great War from a new perspective…

Phantom Hounds: The Call of Glory requires Myth II 1.6 to play. 1.5 (maybe even 1.4) would probably suffice, but has not been tested.

Author’s objective:

Phantom Hounds is a small solo campaign—possibly a series of small solo campaigns—that continues my quest to revive old-school mapping and gameplay. Think of it as Coming of the Dark done Onyx-style. For now, one of the major goals of the project is to create conversions of certain multiplayer maps (some well known, some less so) that would be especially interesting as solos. Expect to see exciting new scenarios, plenty of your favorite TFL units, more detail in the Great War backstory, and above all a healthy dose of good old fashioned Reg gameplay.


-Scripting, tag work, concept, journals, and flavor texts by A-Red
-Modified Ghast collection by Horus
-Plugin Preview, modifications for pregame and postgames by Graydon

The Maps:
-Nowhere = Borderwatch by Modest of Hexographica
-Bloat = The Barrens by Rohan of the Men of Rohan
-Plague on the Toven = The River Rhum by True Peril

Beta Testers: Fury (especially Fury—thanks a million!), Tireces, Teepens, Graydon, Plague Bearer, Horus

Special thanks to:

-Welly for the ported Dirigible unit.
-Sciron for the Solo Campaign pregame.
-Project Magma for The Fallen Levels and TFL Mappack, from which I got some tags.
-Bungie for reasons too complicated to explain :-P

The biggest thanks goes to those who allowed me to use their maps as the base for my levels. This plugin would not exist without them.

**Important Note** I was unable to contact Modest through any of the leads I found, and therefore did not obtain explicit permission to use Borderwatch. There is a note in the readme ambiguously allowing for the making of a new map on the included dummy mesh (but it says nothing either way about a release). I apologize if I have gone against the author’s wishes; if Modest contacts me asking that I cease distributing this plugin in its current form, I will do so.

You may use anything from this plugin to aid you in making your own, EXCEPT things not made by the Onyx Warlords (see the maps and special thanks sections above). If you want to use those tags, you will need permission from their creators (except the Bungie stuff, obviously). If you borrow resources from us or anyone else, please give credit where it is due. You may redistribute this plugin if the readme is included and you do not intend to use it for commercial purposes. You may also redistribute Grave Tidings under the same conditions—I might as well say that here, since I neglected to put it in the Grave Tidings readme.

This plugin was created with Bungie tools Fear and Loathing and Bungie copyrighted artwork. All rights reserved.

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