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Path of the Damned.

Path of the Damned, or, PotD, is a legendary map that is creative in it's form and the day it's creation began. It all began on a nice dark evening in the town of Richmond, B.C. on September the 1st.

But forgot the history!!!!
I have to tell you about the level!!!!
Or else you'll won't even bother to click that blue download link.

Path of the Damned is a challenging map, set in the land of Tallow, or more like it, on the "Down a Broken Path" mesh. It is also a map for the ongoing UBoM2 series.

Here are the great features:
- 200+ to 500+ units which vary on the selected difficulty.
- A story that ties nicely into the UBoM2 plot and gives you a new sense on what really happens after The Summoner's death.
- Easy to do night effect with a night overhead.
- A few crazy evil Easter Eggs of death.
- One new peice of postgame art.
- Heavy scripting, this is 400+ MA's.
- Mon Dieu! Biodegradable projectiles too!

A basic summary on the story is that: you are a band of ten troops that has recently killed The Summoner. So you
remember how you teleport out of The Tain and end up in Soulblighter's camp. Right? Well, you're wrong! Not all of them end
up in Soulblighter's camp and a twelve sorry souls end up in Forest Heart near Tallow. They get ambushed and are thus, reduced
to a number of ten soldiers. They find a sign which they use to point them in the direction of Tallow. They feel that if they can get
to Tallow, and liberate it of any possible garrison, they can use it to their advantage in escaping Soulblighter's forces as they know
that they are deep in enemy territory. Realizing, that if the gates still are in working order, the ten can safely protect themselves from
a surely damned death. But they also see, that to take one more loss on their team, would be to have no more chance of survival.

To explain a wee bit on the actual essence of UBoM2... it is a project in the near theme of CoD but instead..... it is the
battles you never fought in but was told of in the Myth 2 story line. So, for example... their is the battles at Tandem and White
Falls, defending Willow Creek, OMG!!!! stuffing Gonen like a turkey mb??, and many other map ideas set in and around the
M2 story.

This is UBoM2's second map but... first to be 100% MAC and PC clean. It has been tested the the extent of one tester
being near sick of it. And I'm sure that everyone that will play this will have a good challenge in trying to be the victor in this
behemoth of a level and at times, you're eyes will twinkle at the blood that will be spilt on the battle feild.

This map project could never of been completed as it is now without the help of a few of these Myth masters:
- Clem, for fixing up the discoloring in the postgame 'win' image
- Ironduke and the awesome "Antero" for finding scripting bugs. Yes, I said it found scripting bugs. It is a script error finder.
- Guric, Ironduke, hacker_slacker, and Discordia for Beta Testing.
- Alric Stormking for initial pregame and postgame Ambering.
- The Sandman for overhead shading.
- Fear and Loathing to allow the production of this map.
- Oh, and of course my endless creativity.

And let the blood flow freely on the lands.

*bids Adieu*
-~True Peril~ of SoM

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