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Parking Wars Readme@8"	W	XXbIP	W@TEXTttxtAH2PARKING WARS

A dark night in a seedy parking lot...

Two well-equipped and slightly drunk combatants...

An insult is thrown...

The Parking Wars have begun.

Welcome to Datax's latest and greatest and only map: Parking Wars! Set in a seedy, late-night parking lot, cars, tanks, and helicopters will duke it out over the already scarred and ruptured asphalt.

This Total Conversion contains two meshes: Parking Wars (teams), which is a teams variant containing only two starting locations, and Parking Wars (FFA), containing fewer units but four starting locations. Firstly, the new units:

Hatchback The standard fare of most civilized parking lots, the Hatchbacks have the mass and the attitude it takes to be the staple melee unit. Its only attack is to drive up to enemy units and ram them. It is great against everything except Helicopters; against these, it is worthless.

Civil Tanks A remodelled Humvee, the Civil Tank packs an attitude and a cannon. It fires unguided, unpropelled missles as its attack, and hence can be compared to the Mortar Dwarves of yore. It has a hard time dealing with Hatchbacks, as it has only a weak melee attack, but its missles are the bane of all helicopters.

V-22 Osprey A war helicopter, the Osprey flies overhead and drops unguided bombs on its target. Because it is airborne, it is impervious to the efforts of the Hatchback, but it had best watch out for the Civil Tank's missles it only takes one or two to reduce an Osprey to scrap metal. This is the fastest unit on the map and can cross parking lot divides, and as such, is also the most expensive in terms of points.

Mechanic A garage dweller at heart, the Mechanic has the ability to repair machines. He cannot, however, heal living units such as other Mechanics or Living Olives. He, too, can cross parking divides, but because he is so slow and lacks any sort of attack, he can very easily fall prey to marauding units of any sort... your best bet is to keep him on a divide and protected by a range of units. He also acts as the assassin target.

Living Olives A collision between a produce truck and a governmental toxic waste disposal vehicle resulted in these terrifying units. Completely harmless, the Living Olive squelches its way towards its goal, bearing strange names and even stranger haiku. This odd unit acts as the Hunting and Stampede units, and is only present in these game types.

This is not by any means just another Myth map. There are several points worth noting:

For gameplay reasons, even units which can cross parking divides cannot stray onto the boundaries of the map.

The the number of flags and stampede units will vary with the difficulty level. Higher difficulties mean more units and netgame goals.

The in-game hints contain a fairly thorough set of tips. Read 'em or weep.

By a curious coincedence, the Living Olives have the same names as the members of the Pimento Loafers, a Myth Order containing seriously strange individuals. Is this homage? Or is it lack of creativity? The map creator ain't saying...

Please do not use any of the units contained in Parking Warsin your own maps. Feel free to fool around with them, just don't distribute your modified map.nn2  + *+  ++ +  ++*   *++*  ** **   **   +  
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