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Paintball Readmenot

Angel - fires 6 paintballs rapidly and also has the shortest range.
Autococker - fires 1 paintball and has a faster recovery time than the pump. Also shares the longest range with the pump.
Semi-auto - fires 3 paintballs rapidly and has a medium range.
Pump - fires 1 paintball and has the longest range.

ALL OF THE UNITS HAVE A SPECIAL ATTACK THAT ALLOWS THEM TO FIRE 2X AS MANY PAINTBALLS BUT IT ALSO TAKES 2X THE RECOVERY TIME. This is helpful if you are being rushed by alot of players coming down the same pipe..but beware you can always miss and end up being defenseless for longer than is healthy :0

The Game:
-The paintballs are a red/orange swirl shell with a blue fill that explodes (almost always) on impact.
-It takes only one hit to get your units knocked out of the game so be cautious of what you do. Bounces do happen so make sure you mark your target well! :P

The Maps:
Speedball : A 2 team map in an arena with raised obstacles to hide behind. The difficulties change the number of units you recieve.
Survival: This is meant to be more of a 1on1 type mesh for people who like to play solo. You can trade away your single Angel unit for a pump and either an autococker or semi-auto.
Teams: A 4 team mesh with lots of units for when you want just pure chaos! :O
3 Man: A 12 start map with 2 pumps and a semi-auto. For the typical 6 player games.

Created with Bungies fear and loathing blah blah blah
Impossible to make without amber and jade! woo i love those programs, go get em at www.vistacartel.com

prolly something else I forgot to mention so..i guess youre gonna have to figure out what it is then.

email me at Cold_Steel@attbi.com with any questions or suggestions. (mb dont email me after all...cause i dont like you!)
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