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The Ouishiana Temples

This level was finished ages ago by Alpha and put into storage. When I was inducted into
Creation he asked me if I wanted to try and make something out of it. After looking at it
for about a half hour I thought it might make for a really cool Bushido level and I was off
to work on coming up with some ideas for it.

At first it seemed like a great map for a co-op and a large scale co-op at that. So I
designed my level plan around his design and used his areas into the city as defensive
positions to hold off incoming enemies. The (Co-op) level is best played with five people
or more so that everyone can concentrate on the one section they have to defend. This level
is very difficult alone even on Timid difficulty and is recommended for at least five
players. If you play with less than five the extra units will be put on defensive Legions.
To gain control of these with less than five players, simply go near them and taunt with
one of your units. Your goal is to kill all of the invading forces and protect the Citizens.

After a while of testing the co-op with others and getting extra imput I decided that I
would also make a solo varient for this mesh. I thought it would be really cool if you got
to play the other side of the coin. So in the solo version you get one of the enemy
platoons (slightly modified *cough*) and have to invade the city and kill the Citizens.
The solo is a little easier than the co-op but I think it should still provide for fun and
challenging play.

This plugin contains all the files needed to play it, so you don't need the Bushido tagset.
After getting the level plan for the co-op I went a little crazy (okay a lot crazy) with
placing units and ended up with over one thousand units (on Legendary). This brought on a
LOT of problems with running out of projectiles during the level so I was forced to either
change my plan (which was already done and scripted :() or modify the tags so that the
projectiles would biodegrade. Problem solved, although it increases the size of the plugin
by a large sum I still feel it's worth it for all this carnage!

This is my first solo map to be released but I have made numerous others which haven't been
released as of yet, including two that will be part of The Seventh God.


I may leave someone out, Alpha made the entire map long ago and I'm not totally sure who
did what :-). So anything and everything not mentioned goes to their respective creator(s).

Alpha - Colourmap, Level Design and Multi Pregame.
Synapsed - Scripting, Solo Pregame, Level Plot and Layout.
Xap - Level Plot Additions and Typo Fixing.
Cydonian - Bushido Units, Voices, Sounds and Postgame.
The Pope - Retextured Models and Scenery.
Clem - Scenery.

Some of the models used were originally made for Assassin! by DeathWhore.

Also special thanks goes out to all my beta testers who gave me their imput and helped
bring this along, you know who you are.

Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Chad Careswell, synapsed@home.com

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