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On The Cavan Bight
A Myth II: Soulblighter Map by Mauglir

[The] Wild River runs between Forest Heart and the Cloudspine, emptying into the Cavan Bight. -Myth II Manual page 87


Cavan Bight is small multi-player map with loads of strategic terrain including hills, plateaus, cliff faces, and lots of water. Three meshes are included, each with their own unique game play. This is my first map released to the Myth Community.


This map feature a brand new unit, the Undine. Similar to a Wight, the Undine is a slow, shuffling creature that explodes violently upon death. Equally at home on land and in deep water, Undines can also engage in limited melee combat with a punching attack similar to that of a Ghast.


Feast on the Cavan Bight is a two start light mesh featuring Archers, Ghols, Dwarf Mortars, Warriors, Thrall, Heron Guards, and Undines. CTF games on this mesh have four flags, one at each team start, plus two more neutral flags elsewhere on the map. Assassin games have Baron targets. Other supported game types include Flag Rally, Territories, and Body Count.

Reign on the Cavan Bight is a seven start mesh littered with battlefield detritus. Through unit trading, each player has the option to play Dwarf Heroes, Ghols, or both. Assassin games feature Fetch targets. Other supported game types include Capture the Flag, Flag Rally, Territories, and Body Count.

Slugfest on the Cavan Bight is a four start mesh with twisting strings of satchel charges all over the ground. Teams are made up of Dwarves, Thrall, Journeymen, and Undines. When playing Assassin, the Journeymen become the targets. Other supported game types include Capture the Flag, Flag Rally, Territories, and Body Count.


Setting the difficulty to Legendary for any game type on any of the three meshes adds Ambient Undines to the mesh. This ambient variety is generally passive, but their very presence on an already crowded battlefield can spell disaster for any side with careless aim.


The original color map was handed to me about a month ago by Elijah as a trial project for joining the Idiot Map Making Collective. With it came Eli's instructions of "see if you can do something with this."

This has been a huge learning experience for me. Each new beta (and there were LOTS of them) redoubled my knowledge of the whole map making process, and I am deeply indebted to all the members (and now former members) of the IMMC for their advice, encouragement, and patience. The final results of this are what you see here.


v1.0 Initial Release


Final Color Map, Fear, Loathing, Pregame Images: Mauglir
Original Concept/Color Map, Pregame Images: Elijah
Undine Unit: Korgath

Beta Testers (not already mentioned): Macros, Inferno, Giant, GimpMask, oogaBooga, and the members of Knights of the Red Order

Special thanks extended to the Idiot Map Making Collective and the Myth II order Even Idiots Can Win.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Mauglir


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