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Readme: This file
On a Crashing
Course: The plugin. Stick it in your plugin folder!
Start Myth2 and click new game. Start level
called "Dwarven Olympics"

Internal formations: The formations I use. Nothing revolutionary.
Just tightens formations. Put it in your Myth2/
local/formations folder if you want.
Films: Films from the levels. They're all on timid.

General notes on the levels:
(You should play them in this order)

Dwarven Olympics: ---
The Road to Desert: Crashing has occured, about 1,5 months ago.
Sword in a Desert: The sword doesn't always fly away, like it should. For example in the film, Soulblighter still flies after the sword even it would be next to him
Renewed Foe: Soulblighter can be killed before he reaches his final position.
Escape from the Castle: Also crashed several times, but not the final version. At the end of the level, Alric doesn't always win the fight.. You can walk trough some buildings!
The Tree of Life: Has crashed twice. Can have an end where Alric shows up, or another end where he doesn't show up.
Final Confrontation: Has crashed once. The sword may fly to a place where Alric can't get it. If Deceiver is killed before he reaches his final position, the game might not end
Combined Forces: Doesn't have anything to do with the storyline. It's a "bonus level"
You get 1000 kills on legendary.

Tested only on PC, not on Mac.
All levels are beated in legendary by me.
Ignore the pregame images, didn't have time to make my own.
Thanks for downloading this campaign.

Teemu Koivunen
E-mail: temekv@hotmail.com

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Sofware Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing

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