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The Oloruin Valley -- created by Stinger of Civil Order.

This map is for two teams. There's no story to it, no special graphics, just what I expect to be some cool gameplay. My goal with it was to create imbalances for each start that would make the map inherently uneven and yet not, thanks to two years experience playing Myth. I also wanted to learn how to make maps, this being my first. ;-)

The setting is the valley of the Oloruin river in the early spring, when the rains come to soften the earth. To the south there is a bridge over which many battles will be fought and lost, to the north an anchient world knot that is no longer in use.

Of the games included, Steal the Bacon is the only ball game, as there are too many problems with two team ball games, not to mention the impassability of the bridge due to the myth engine. But all the flag games are there, as well as Assassin and Stampede.

The light mesh is loosely based on Dead of Winter, featuring Stygian Knights, Warriors, Bowmen, Journeymen, Ghols, Dwarves, Thrall, Skrael, and Wights. Skrael are snake-men that were once destined to be part of the Myth 1 plot, but that never saw the light of day. They are primarily artillery, but also attack as melee very well.

The Dark mesh is a derivative of Clash in the Cloudspine. Trow, warlocks, maul, and bezerks are their normal selves. However, they are accompanied here by dwarven heroes, fetch, myrmidon, and a slightly "fixed" Bre 'Unor, which will no longer be the first unit traded away...

Playing the meshes on legendary will add certain other features to the maps and thereby alter gameplay. For the better, perhaps.

Special thanks to Big D, whom I bounced all my unit choices off of, and the badlands folks that helped me learn a few things about fear and loathing.

Some of the stuff here (the skrael extras, like sounds) is copyright 1999 by Creation, God bless 'em!

The map is copyright 1999 by Jason Beach (aka Stinger) and Bungie Inc.

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