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Map Name: Olde Sarum Arena (OSA)
Created by: Lone Dorf
Beta Release: 2002
Version 1.04 release date: 10/08/2004

Olde Sarum Arena (OSA) version 1.0 was conceived of and created by Lone Dorf and was inspired by the natural fortifications of ancient civilizations in what is now the British Isles.

Scaled down from it's real life namesake and massively tweaked to be playable in the Myth World, OSA is a 2 and 4 team FFA map that features intersting and challenging play with realistic terrain and visuals. Though it works well with any units, OSA is the first map designed, written and tweaked especially for the Rocket Dorf Fest total conversion. RDF Giant Assassin is one of many combos that works well on this map.

Version 1.02 release notes: The color green and a few other things (like the 2 player mesh and a couple additional scenery items) were added (with vague permission) to this map by me, vinylrake, a long time after OSA was initially "released". I tried to stay true to the original spirit of the map, and to it's full lush green appearance as I saw in an early beta. Apologies to LoneDorf for any really egregious modifications or esthetic decisions I made, the map would undoubtably look better had Lone Dorf done the final modifications.

Thanks to Soma for the grass texture, The Pope for the Well model, Vista for the Sheep [http://vista.i-craft.net klicco@ihug.co.nz, and to Tetsuo for his beta release of the Destructible Trees which only needed minor tweaking. Also thanks to Baak, for his fear assistance, and for the Ball Scrambling trick and One Minute Truce scripts. Thanks to all of OoH and special guests who helped test this. This map made using Fear and Loathing (thanks Bungie) and may contain copyrighted items which are used by permission of Bungie. Thanks to Vista for making the tag extractor.

contact: vinylrake@yahoo.com http://myth.mything.org

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