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This plugin is for use with Myth The Fallen Lords. What it does is slightly modify the dark units so that the solo levels are more difficult. In general, if you play a solo level with this plugin active on Heroic, it will be similar to difficulty to Legendary. On Legendary with the Nightmare plugin active, it will be more difficult to win. I wanted to make a fun plugin quickly without having to specially modify every mesh. This is the first effort I've made in modifying Myth I, and the idea was to do this in the most painless manner. Please note that this was designed and tested with the solo/co-op levels in mind ONLY. 

My goal was to make slight modifications that would not necessarily be noticed. You'd just notice that you were not winning. In general, most every dark unit has been modified in the following areas: health, speed of attack, damage of attack, turning speed. Not all units have had all of these things changed, but most have.

The 'dark' units on Shadow have been modified more than normal. This level is a favorite of mine and it was my hope to make this a particularly challenging level.

Here is what has been changed. In each case, the 'original' value is in ().

Dwarf, Light Team
Satchels (4) 2
This makes standard strats such as the 'sachel field' on Across the Gjol not as easy to pull off.

Roots (6) 4
Fewer roots is like taking away two lifes from your army in the long run.

Electrical Damage Modifier (0.047) 0.035
This is to counter the more powerful Fetch lightning on Last Battle.

Dwarf, Dark Team
vitality (2.188) 3.5
speed (0.023) 0.026
turning (160) 180
range (3-10) 3-12
vel error (0.004) 0.004
init vel (.129-.143) .16-.18
init recovery (4) 3
attack freq (1.5-2) 1.3-1.8
Satchels (4) 0-2
This is really a modified Dwarven Hero. Initial Recovery and Attack Frequency is more in line for a regular Dwarf. Uses the 'deluxe' bottle, same as dwarven hero. These dud less often, and when the do, they are more likely to then explode on the next dwarf throw. Expect some more interesting flying bottles on Shadow. Also note, the 'rescued' dwarf it this type, making it more important to rescue him. Most of a dwarven heroes 'extra' range is from the faster initial velocity. Instead of constantly short throwing, they will generally get the bottle to the target. Carrying between 0 and 2 satchels allows for fewer 'accidents' to happen that can make Shadow so easy.

Fir'Bolg, Dark Team
vitality (2.188) 3.5
speed (0.023) 0.026
turning (160) 180
vel error (0.014) 0.008
init vel (.24-.26) 0.27-0.29
init recovery (3) 2
attack freq (1-1.5) 0.9-1.4
This is a modified Fir'Bolg Hero. Gone is the 'machine gun' speed, and a bit of velocity error helps them miss sometimes. The added range is again from the higher initial velocity rather than increased range.

vitality (2.188) 2.8
range (3-10) 3-10
init recovery (2.5) 2
attack frequency (0.5-1.0) 0.5-0.8
damage (3) 4
One Zerk may have difficulty taking down a fetch now, so you better consider alternatives. It use to be important to make sure a fetch doesn't get in a blast on your main troops, now it is even more important.

vitality (3.184) 4
turning (200) 240
miss fract (0.05) 0.03
init rec (0.5) 0.4
attack freq (0.5-0.7) 0.4-0.7
With the added turning speed, ghols seem a bit more slippery and sneaky.

vitality (5.5) 7.5
turning (200) 240
attack freq (0.5-0.8) 0.4-0.7
damage (0.45-0.55) 0.5-0.6
Attacking slightly faster with slightly more damage make these guys something Zerks need to worry about now.

vitality (12) 15
They're mean enough, why mess with them too much (:

vitality (2.395) 3.2
turning (160) 180
vel error (0.012) 0.006
init recovery (1.5) 1.4
attack freq (1-1.5) 0.9-1.4
More accurate, more health, slightly faster attack frequency. Don't think your zig-zagging archer will take em out one on one.

Spider Queen
vitality (5.5) 6
attack freq (0.4-0.7) 0.4-0.67

vitality (1.188) 1.5
attack freq (0.4-0.7) 0.4-0.67

vitality (6.5) 10
turning (100) 120
miss fract (0.05) 0.03
damage (0.7-0.8) 0.75-0.85
Thrall are designed to be slow, that is why I didn't increase their attack frequency. They were fodder, now they are tougher fodder. Don't expect your dwarfs to handle them too quickly. The added turning speed will make them a bit more mobile. Expect your Dwarves and Fir'Bolg to take a few axes when trying to get away.

vitality (30) 45
initial recovery (0.2) 0.167
attack freq (0.4-0.7) 0.4-0.6

vitality (1.5) 3.184
turning (100) 120
range (2) 2.5 - this should make them trigger a bit sooner
damage (wight explosion) (5) 8-10
radius (wight explosion) (6-6.4) 7-7.5
damage (exploding pus) (2-3) 4-5
radius (exploding pus) (2.25-2.3) 2.5-2.75
Wights will be harder to take down, should pop sooner, and have a much more devastating blast, though the range is not much greater. This blast really sends the pus packets flying.

Oh, and I may be forgetting something, hmmm.

I would like to thank the following people...
Drunk Bob and Chikatilo for pointing a total newbie in the right direction. Thanks for not making me feel like a total idiot with my questions.
Wang Dang Doodle, Ephemeris and Kalli for helping me push Shadow to the extreme. After beating Shadow Legendary with no Zerks, the idea for this plugin was hatched.
The rest of Clan Plaid for their testing and suggestions.

Myth: The Fallen Lords is Copyright 1997 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Ichor. Ichor is Copyright 1999 by Thieu Nguyen. Plugin created using Bartok. Bartok is Copyright 1998 Lucena Systems

Concept and Design: Conner #CP#J, ttoddsnyder@yahoo.com

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