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The 7th Legion - Nightfall

Two Solo/Co-op maps by Smiths of Muirthemne

To Use This Plugin

Place "Nightfall v1.0" into your plugins folder inside your Myth II directory.

When you start Myth II, press New Game. The first level, "Nightfall - Trepidation", will be at the bottom of the list of levels.

Once you have successfully finished the level, "Nightfall - Resolution" will also appear on the list, although you can also see this by shift-clicking the New Game button.


"...King Alric listened intently as Garrick recounted the events leading up to our arrival in Madrigal. As soon as Garrick was done, the King ordered the Seventh Legion through the World Knot to Scales. They have been instructed to seek out Soulblighter's army and destroy it now, before it grows any larger..."

This two level mini-campaign begins with the 7th Legion's arrival at the plain of Scales, deep in enemy territory. Their only hope of success is in the element of surprise, for their force numbers less than that of Cruniac's, which had just been decimated by Soulblighter.

Leading them is Baelden, son of Maeldun and possessing magical abilities, yet by no means an avatara. A veteran of the Great War, Baelden alone knows what they are likely to face and he fears for his comrades who have yet to swing a sword in anger. The sun lowers in the west as they enter the knot, bracing themselves for the unknown perils that await them.

The levels abound with a unique and oppressive atmosphere as the story unfolds before your eyes. The fighting is amongst the toughest you'll face as you switch from desperate defence to frantic pursuit, to cautious attack and final confrontation.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Copyright Information

The 7th Legion - Nightfall is a third-party plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter. Copyright 1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created (in part) with Fear and Loathing by IronDuke (andrewsumner@yahoo.com) and others (see credits). Original elements not created by or owned by Bungie or other parties are copyright 2000 by their respective authors. This plug-in is meant to be distributed and used free-of-charge by owners of the Myth II: Soulblighter game.

If you wish to use anything from this plugin for your own purposes, you must contact IronDuke for permission.


IronDuke: colourmap, design, scripting, Fear, voices, ported/modified units.
True Peril: original concept.
GHOST: Thorough PC trouble-shooting. Without GHOST's encouragement this project would
not have seen the light of day.
Mauglir: voice for Baelden plus many suggestions for improvements.
Lord Raven: Dark Archer voices.
Guric: Pregame artwork.
Discordia: Postgame artwork (adapted from Bungie's).

MacOS beta testers: Mauglir, Lord Raven, Discordia, Macros, Welly, Guric, Sandman.

PC beta testers: Sciron, Malek, True Peril.

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