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Night of the Living Dead
(plugin name: NotLD_v1)

Just in time for Halloween, a bungie solo map conversion for those Mythsters that tend to have ghoulish leanings this time of year. It's a simple mesh - a conversion of Salvation made for the net player.

There is only the one mesh, that's why it is so small. It's more or less a gimmick map, but without any new units (well maybe just one... trick or treat). The initial idea for this mesh was to create a Hunting game where you hunt peasants with just Wights. Well, that was too difficult, so I added the rest of the undead units that inhabit Myth and added some variety to the game types.

The games include Body Count, LMOTH, StB, KOTH, Captures, Terries, Flag Rally, and Hunting. It's very simple. There are 8 starts.

The following units are found in the map:
0/8/12 Ghasts (All games)
0/4/6 Soulless (Not Hunting)
0/8/12 Thrall (Not Hunting)
0/10/14 Wights (All games)

That's about it except for some advice... Play long games. These units are slow (with the exception of Ghasts and Soulless), so if you want exciting games where everyone can get involved, play games that last about 20 minutes. Second, I recommend playing with a minimum of four teams; the more the merrier... especially with all those wights. Also, this map has fog... use it, unless it seriously slows down your computer. The fog really gives this map an eerie-ness that makes the map more exciting.

Converted with Fear and Loathing (Bungie Software - http://www.bungie.com) as well as Jade and Topaz (Vista - http://vista.theresistance.net).

Special thanks to:
-Deathwhore for his great book: The Myth II Handbook (http://www.myth2handbook.com/). Seriously, go online and buy it now.
-Da' Minion of OMAG for his help with debugging the plugin and working the Overhead and Pregame screens. Everytime something didn't work, he helped find the problem.
-All of the OMAGs, and other beta testers, who helped me rid the plugin of bugs, for their suggestions, and for thinking that such a niche map might actually be fun and encouraging me to do the conversion.

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Map created by: Ailil (cwayne@gsbs3.gs.uth.tmc.edu)

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