; Mythgraveyard

Read Me I AM IMPORTANT TOOOOOTEXTttxtLmBIN NEW RAID (2team) (very cheap)

This had 4maps. I will briefly explain them to you

1. Easy raid 100.
This map is so if you want a quick win with little dmg (17dmg to be exact)

2. New raid 1300.
This map is for if you want some dmg but not a whole lot this map will give you around 4300dmg

3. New raid 1200 is if you want more then a little dmg but less then allot it gives you around 12,600 dmg

4. New raid 85,000 This map gives you allot of dmg I would not suggest playing it 1 time ranked cause they will figure you out but if you decide to I would then suggest you only play it 1 time, This map gives you about 83,700 dmg.

These maps were made by an anonomous person just incase this gets around the the pna. We would not want that to happen you know so make sure it does not happen. If you get caught playing this and you get banned or anything else of the kind or just chat with admin, you dont know where you got this who you got this from and wtf it is :P


P.S unfortunitly there is not a way you can make a map that gives you mega points. These mega dmg maps will not increase your point value but only your dmg stats.
Also I would suggest the person you are playing get on a fake account because this will devestate you damage recieved stats.2 Read Me 1.3dern 3mentstD).html)TEXTttxtjt2SORT2styl

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