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the first thing in parentheses is the collection used by the unit, as a stub. The (replaces) in
parenthesis at the end is what units are replaced by this on solo/netmaps when the plugin is

Bowman (bowman) 3 pts- basically the Myth II bowman, I think I upped the damage by a tiny portion
and maybe added some speed. (replaces bowmen)

Slinger (dwarf) 2 pts- Has shorter range and is a little faster than the bowman. He has 8 sling
"bullets" which do ~arrow damage, then unlimited rocks which do less damage. Fires a little
faster than archer. (replaces nothing)

Sapper (dwarf) 4 pts- has a pack chock full of small explosive charges, and can toss a torch to
ignite them, or cause minor burns on enemies. (replaces dwarves)

Sorceror (summoner) 10 pts- All purpose mage. Primary attack is a weak fireball, double click
attack is a close range lightning strike, t key is long range healing. His mana regenerates only
very slowly, shepherd his mana carefully. (replaces jmen)

Task Mage (alric) 6 pts - weak melee unit plus a mana based lightning strike with T key.
(replaces mortar dwarves, mortar dwarf heroes, solo warlocks)

Walking Dead Bowman (KVLtv's skeleton archer) 1 pt- slow, inaccurate
bowman, fires weak projectiles. Has higher health. (replaces dark archers)

Acolyte (shade) 3 pts- shorter range or slower than bowman, forget which, fires magic bolt
(like arrows, do more damage) (replaces soulless)

Necromancer (deciever) 10 pts- fires a combination hold/radius damage shadowbolt.
(replaces net warlocks, shades)

Burning Man (red tint peasant) 6 pts- throws lumps of fire, can do flaming punches at
close range, bleeds flames when hurt. Can be unhealed. (replaces fetch)

Soldier (warrior) 2 pts- roughly warrior equivalent. (replaces warriors)

Knight (stygian knight) 3 pts- has higher vitality, does more damage than soldier, is slower
(replaces heron guards, stygian knights)

Sutqa Elite (heron guard) 4 pts- fast, has bre'Unor health, attacks swiftly, carries two poison
darts used with the t key (replaces berserks)

Sutqa Guard (soulblighter) 2 pts- warrior speed, more health, can't block, does more damage
(replaces brigands)

Skeleton (chimera Skeleton) 2 pts- not enabled yet, cuz I'm still messing with the chimera
shapes. moderate speed, can block, resists swords and arrows, weak to explosions (replaces nothing)

Darkling (myrkridia) 4 pts- fast, do lots of damage, attacks quickly, some resistances
(replaces myrkridia)

Walking Dead (thrall) 1 pt- basically thrall, slightly slower, more vitality. Like m1 thrall.
(replaces thrall)

Golem (small trow) 8 pts- big, slightly faster than a warrior, does lots of damage, has some
resistances. (replaces trow, mauls)

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