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Created By:BattleNiPple

Neo Ww2: The Block

Super slick mesh, and its Small but versatile, you will always have someone to shoot at, no more searching for people to destroy....you know where they are, now you just gotta find a place to stay alive ... hehe < THIS WILL PROVE TO BE BAD ASS> hf gl

1 super slick unit , with nice health and nice speed for that long lasting action packing fight, also there are 5 computer controled soldiers on every players team, killen everyone elses computer controled units and you, they are not worth any damage but the can get damage for you if they attack an actual player. To turn them off just put it on timid, then its just straight up player vs player.

The Weapons!!!!!
Oh yes the baddies
1. Gernade Luancher- self explanitory
2. Bazooka
3.Ak47- Chewing up many rounds per sec with this bad boy.
4.Meat Machine- High velocity minnie shotgun machine gun.....scary
5.Shot gun- trusty old shotgun- 1 shot up close unless ur a heavy ur ded..but gl getten close
6.Sniper Rifle- Kills pyro 1 shot,knocks Soldier down to 1 hit point, and knocks heavy down to half.
7.Assualt Rifle- Shooting devastating burst rounds this is not a gun to trifle with.
8.The Bodies Of the Dead....Of course and old Bio Fav....strap a nuke to ur dead enemies
back and let er Rip!

Warning: Loss of blood to your posterior is not my friggen fualt... Hf Gl BattleNipple...

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