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Myth The Fallen Lords
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

Basically I wanted to add some perks to some of the basic myth units without changing the normal flow of the game. The only thing that really changes a normal good old multi-player game is the Satchel arrow but with ranked rooms gone it really didnt bother me. Besides I prefer coop games anyways.

Here is a sum up of whats in here:

Bezerks have new sounds (Provided by Big Mouth from MythIII).
Bezerks and Bezerk Heroes can now pick up and lay down small objects*.

Heron Guards and Heron Heroes have new sounds (Provided by Big Mouth from MythIII).
Heron Guards and Heron Heroes can pick up and drop small objects*.

All Dwarves can now melee attack by double-clicking opponent.
All Dwarves (DM,DMH and DPF) start with satchels.
All Dwarves can pick up and drop small objects*.
Dwarves and Dwarven Heroes can use one of their satchel charges to make a fire arrow into a satchel arrow.
Dwarven bottles float on water.

Bowmen and Bowmen Heroes can drop and pick up fire arrows.
Bomen and Bowmen Heroes can fire the satchel arrows.

Ghols can now use the secondary attack to lay down an object (unless you use the primary attack to throw it).

Deceiver has new sounds (Provided by Big Mouth from MythIII).

Warlock and Warlock Heroes have new sounds (Provided by Big Mouth from MythIII).

All (whole/dead) bodies float on water except for Undead (no air) and Warriors (too heavy).

* Small objects include arms, legs, heads, swords, satchels and ect.... Unless the object is a "Special Object"/"Artifact" it will not show up in your ammo list.


The following small Objects will show up in your "carried projectile" (Ammo):
Puss Packet
Mandrake Root
Magic crystal
Fire arrow (can only be picked up by Dwarf,Dwarven Hero and Bowmen)
Satchel Arrow (Can only be picked up by Bowmen and shows up as a purple fire arrow as the ammo tag)

All picked up objects will override your units special attack (or Heal).


Ammo tags have been eliminated for all Dwarves and all Herons (Due to the fact that any non-special object that is picked up will show up as that type of ammo when its not).

All normal ammo tags such as the Dwarves satchel or the Heron Mandrake Root will only appear as a number.

Although the Bezerk, Herons and the dwarves can pick up a puss packet it is highly recommended not to do so. As a tactic you can charge some one with a one but its pretty much a suicide run.

If a Heron picks up more Mandrake Roots than its ammo limit it will become a "carried projectile" which basically means that when you go to heal some one you'll end up dropping a root in front of them.

Only Dwarves can change bowmen fire arrows into satchel arrows and only can Dwarven Heroes change Bowmen Heroes fire arrows into satchel arrow. All maps that Im aware of have either dwarves and bowmen or Dwarven Heroes and Bowmen Heroes on any given map so I havent had a problem yet. If for some reason there is a map with Dwarves and Bowmen Heroes or Dwarven Heroes and Bowmen the Dwarf will not be able to make a satchel arrow from the fire arrow.

Hope you enjoy!


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