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Mythadizzle Prime modifies almost every unit in solo Myth II. Basically, they've gotten themselves new tailors and an image consultant.

Groups of Soulless and Ghols now look ESPECIALLY wicked.

Strangely, this plug-in becomes quickly addicting. I've tried dozens of solo games with and without it. The times I've forgotten to turn it on were times that the game didn't feel right.



Almost all colour schemes and/or clothing has been modified. The attempt here was to make a plug-in that could be used over and over without being intrusive.

Also, the attempt was to create colour schemes that reflect "close-to-life" scenarios, as in, the way things might actually look.

Most every collection has several permutations. Many have five. Some have two. So you're going to see something quite a bit different than previous.

The game, in fact, often feels new, even on familiar maps.


Just drop it into your plug-ins folder. You *are* running at least v1.4 of Soulblighter, aren't you? Then simply activate "Mythadizzle_Prime" before you game, and away you go.

This obviously will not work on Multiplayer.


Insanely simple hack via Fear and a Titanium PowerBook. Thoroughly tested to get the colours right and "pleasing." Based on the ideas covered by McDonald's "Q's Solo Enhancement." However, unlike "Q's," which I've always liked, this "Mythadizzle" is more realistic and less cartooney.

I think.


None. It works with everything I've ever tested it with. It modifies no attack, no movement, no nothing...just unit colours.

Also: I freely admit that I'm not 100% sure about the look of the Thrall and Archers. Please let me know. While they *do* look great, they may be a bit over-the-top.


The Archer, Soulless, and Fetch flavour text and names were borrowed from my previous plug-in.

Also, this plug-in is MEANT to be just the simplest, most innocuous of alterations to the Myth solo experience. So any feedback about this being a Hax that does nothing and blah-fucking-blah...well, just save it.

"Mythadizzle Prime" is what it is, and no more.


You gotta be kidding. I could care less what you do with this. But if you use my Archer, Soulless or Fetch flavour texts and/or names somewhere, I want dinner.



v2.0 (III) change one Thrall permutation, all Brigands, and two Warrior
permutations to something more subtle.

v1.5 (II) changes Archers, Heron & Thrall to something a bit more subtle...

:: Beer Can ::



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