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Thanks for downloading Myth II:  Broken Cycle.

Legal Stuff: Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie
Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by: Jesse F. Conard,
aka He Who Eats Dung. dungeater@soulblighter.com

Now I'd like to thank a few folks. First, Hexographica for the
hexotagset and all units included therein. The Reanimator did an
incredible job on the sprites, and the other Hexo-folk did a wonderful
job of "fearing them up." This is truly a high-quality group of guys,
and words cannot express my gratitude.

I'd also like to thank God'z Fire for importing a few dandy units from
Myth: TFL, such as the Myrmidon. Great job, GF! Thanks for all of your
hard work!

Big thanks to all my beta testers, who diligently helped me iron out
things like "Uhhh, the warriors can scuba dive?"

And of course, Bungie Software, for inspiring me to spend so many
late nights going crazy trying to script a bunch of dwarves. You guys
are the cream of the crop, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Mostly, I'd like to thank my wife for her patience and understanding
during all of the times I ignored her while working on this. She's one
in a million. (and she lets me play Myth! Woo!)

It's been a blast to make this, and I hope you all enjoy
it since you've just invested a large amount of time for
the hefty download.

First let me tell you that this campaign was simply an effort
to give something back to the b.net community that has brought
me so many wasted hours..

::gets hit with Bungie mind control ray::

er...so many good times. It was a labor of love.
Lacking the tools necessary to create new unit sprites or colormaps,
I sought to recreate the original solo campaign as told by
the Dark. Please remember, I'm just one guy, not the Vista Cartel.

I make no bones about it. This is a HARD campaign.
I meant for it to be. However, I assure you that each
level can be beaten, I've done it all on legendary mode.

Oh yeah, technical stuff...

Before you unzip this, delete or move your current locals
folder from your Myth II directory, create a fresh, new
locals folder, then unzip this zip file INTO the new locals
directory. You'll have problems if you just unzip it into
the Myth II directory. It should insert about a zillion new
files, and you'll need to move this locals folder elsewhere
when you want to play on b-net. However, you do not need to delete it.
I simply created a separate directory named "Dark Patch" to hold
the locals folder.

Thanks again,
Jess Conard,
aka He Who Eats Dung

P.S. I included my customized formations! If you don't like them,
delete the formations subdirectory in the locals folder!

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