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MythWarrior 1.0

Welcome to “MythWarrior” a Myth 2 Soulblighter total conversion. This is my third Total Conversion for Myth, I also made Leggo My Myth and Leggo II: Arena. While making Leggo II I came upon a indisputable fact: large units that blow stuff up are fun to play. So after many months of work, and many months of no work, MythWarrior is ready to be released.
How MythWarrior Is Different

The biggest difference from regular Myth II games/conversions is the trading concept. The idea behind MythWarrior is that you have a small number of units, but you can trade for different weapons for each unit. This is interesting when you run across an enemy unit and you do not know what it will do. Under the unit descriptions there will be numbered variants of each unit.

The Units

M1 Chassis
Top Speed: 53mph - Armor Rating 15
M1 is the scout chassis, small, fast and maneuverable. The M1 is designed as a
support robot for the larger chassis.

1: M1 Missile
Primary Attack: Medium Laser
Special Attack: 8 short range heat seeking missiles

2: M1 Stealth
Primary Attack: Medium Laser
Special Attack: 4 short range heat seeking missiles
Notes: This unit has a cloaking device making it only partially visible to enemy units.
It is also invisible on the enemy radar (overhead).

X1 Chassis
Top Speed: 49mph - Armor Rating 25
The X1 is the workhorse of the robot world. With a blend of speed, power and armor this
chassis can be used in a variety of situations. While not as fast as the M1 the X1 is still
quite speedy, and with the double layers of armor it can stand toe-to-toe on the front lines.

1: X1 Missile
Primary Attack: Medium Laser
Special Attack: 12 short range heat seeking missiles

2: X1 Pulse Laser
Primary Attack: Medium Laser
Special Attack: Medium range pulse laser
Notes: A pulse laser is an energy ball that can be fired from a surprising distance.

3: X1 Plasma Mortar
Primary Attack: Medium Laser
Special Attack: Plasma Mortar
Notes: A plasma mortar is a large pulse laser fired into the air, doing massive damage
on anything it explodes near. Aim by clicking on the ground 60-70% of the distance
between your unit and the target (you must also factor in height changes as well).
S1 Chassis
Top Speed: 41mph - Armor Rating 70
The godzilla of the robot world the S1 is an impressive and deadly unit. Having reinforced
triple armor and twelve times the mass of an X1, the S1 just walks up to whatever it wants to
destroy. With that size however is a cost. Slow speed and shorter ranged weapons make the
S1 a close combat only unit.

1: Juggernaut
Primary Attack: Short Range Large Laser
Special Attack: Photon torpedo.
Notes: The main weapon on the Juggernaut is as large as almost any of the secondary
weapons found on most chassis. With its own power source the Large Laser can dish
out punishment at an alarming rate. The Photon Torpedo is a hi-yield energy based
particle gun that devastates a target on impact. Its staggering power is also very
unstable and is shot at a slower rate then most energy weapons to prevent a malfunction.

Support Units

Top Speed: 35mph - Armor Rating 6
Primary Attack: Medium Laser
Special Attack: 8 Unguided short range stinger missiles.
Notes: Tanks are very useful in battle situations to inflict extra damage on opponents during
battle. However, they are no match for even the smallest lightly armored chassis. Used in
scout and support roles they are a very valuable (and expendable) asset.

ETB repair
Top Speed: 29mph - Armor Rating 10
Primary Attack: Energy Bolt
Special Attack: Repair
Notes: The ETB carries a plasma based lubricant that can be injected into an enemy chassis
to stimulate the chassis auto repair sequence. The sequence bypasses damaged systems and
mends armor to make the chassis more capable of fighting with injured equipment. This is
not a true "repair", in that by using the auto repair sequence most of the repaired parts are
rended unsalvageable for later missions. However this is better then the alternative.


To install MythWarrior unzip the file and take only the file named “MythWarrior 1.0” and place it in the plugins folder in the Myth II folder. To play the solo level hold down the shift key and hit “New Game” from the main menu in Myth II. Choose MYTHWARRIOR and start your game. To play the multiplayer levels, choose “Multiplayer” from the Myth II main menu, and log onto Bungie.net. MythWarrior works just like a normal Myth II multiplayer map.

STrategy tips

• Do not clump your units together
• If you see a S1 coming at you and you don’t have a small army or another S1... RUN!
• If you are playing a S1 try and find players who have not read the above rule
• If you get a S1, get a ETB to heal it.
• Do not clump your units together (just in case you missed it the first time)
• Never play the person who made game, he has much more practice then you.
• Scattering your units to make slower attacks miss is great, unless you have teammates behind you!
• Kill the enemies ETB’s
• Stealth units... (that’s enough of a hint)
• Do not listen to anyone from SamStone Hotline when they tell you that getting all tanks is a good trade.
• When in doubt, run.
• Hide behind those big rocks, that’s why I made them.
• You can walk on some smaller rock groups.
• Units move 10% faster on the road
• Attack the ground near the enemy with the S1’s large attack, its easy to dodge when shot at the unit.
• Always try to attack the enemy in tight areas where they can’t scatter or run away.
• The map is not symmetrical, some starts are better then others... deal with it
• The overhead is not the line of sight for your units, so don’t be surprised that enemies that should be in
view do not show until you get close enough.
• The map is gigantic, don’t forget a compass
• Use edited formations
• Use presets to quickly remember different weapon configurations for the same chassis
• If you cant use presets get only 1 weapon class per chassis


Rohan MoR Units, Map, Design
Pope Scenery, Character Voices
Ares and Synapsed Single Player
Monte MoR Sound effects

Thanks to my order Men of Rohan (MoR) for there patience with my unit tinkering
and special thanks to Cydonian for humoring me when he had much more important things to do.

Made on a Mac

©Copyright 2001 John Whitney (Rohan MoR). All units, scenery, and sounds should not be used without permission of Rohan MoR (jwhitney@home.com).
This plugin was made using Bungie's Fear and Loathing. Many thanks go out to Bungie for providing these amazing editors to the Myth Community.
This plugin was also made using the awe inspiringly powerful Amber (cheers to Vodi)

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