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Myrmidon Revenge was a very had level to make.  I had to make Myrmidons and The paladins.  If you like the paladin download the paladin plugin for your Local folder.  This level in my opinion is extremely fun you fight waves and waves of enemy units.  This took me a good two weeks to do so I hope you Enjoy my map.  

FORT SHADE- Guess what I finished fort shade but it sucks to many bugs as far as I am concerned unplayable. =(Sorry... Fort shade is no longer going to be out do to extremely bad bugs sorry
looks like the shades won that war due to tech dificulties hehe.

Coming soon
Featured the Best
1st Elf Revenge which is a project the mercenary team is working on. I am on the mercenary team it consists of two people my name is mike and my friends is matt. I will post some films on this one download the elf revenge unit package if you cant wait for a 15 level solo and 10 multiplayer maps. Cooperative support


This is a plug in just I will make me and matt will work on are own things until we get an idea on a new project
Paladin Forever delayed for later this year 2 levels solo
An even stronger paladin has come to help Alric kill the LEVELER

Remember hereing about the leveler when you Beat Myth II well guess what I am MAKING HIM.

And much more is coming from the hunter

I just want to thank the People out there who vote for my levels and units. It makes me feel good to here that people are using my stuff. THANKS

The Archer
Im not the hunter anymore
fisxed some bugs
Read me
Plug In
used to be the hunter now im the archer k I lost my password and stuff

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