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  - The Myrkridian Slave Trade v1.2-

Throw out the old version of this plugin if you have it.
Place the "Myrk_Slave_v1.2" file into your plugins folder.


Cannons: these stationary long range missile units are good at attacking the enemy from afar, but do not fire at targets at close range.

Assassin: in the assassin game, 4 myrkridia are the targets on each team. Be sure to keep them in good health or they'll beserk on you.

Created by VERSION

Made with Fear & Loathing, Photoshop, and patience.

Thanks to Snowman, ChrisP, Hanged Man, White Rhino, and the rest of the gang for testing and info. Thanks to THORAN and all the people who mailed for being cool.

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