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Muirthemne Penitentiary Read Me.

This is my first attempt at producing a solo level for Myth2.
Along the way this project nearly died numerous times, but thanks to "Zyros The Dark Elf" and "True Peril" I have finally completed it for release.

With a handfull of select heroes, the level involves gaining access to a well guarded prison. Rescuing your fellow Militia members, then returning your main heroe to the starting location.
The mesh features a new magic sword "The Diamond Thunder" (created by Zyros, and used by the zerk heroe). You must have the Zerk collect the "sword ammo" along the way.

Credits: * a special thankyou to "True Peril" for debugging all of the crash errors.
* a special thankyou to "Zyros The Dark Elf" for too many things to list, but specifically creating the "Diamond Thunder" and "collum scripting" for me.
* a special thankyou to the testers: Raistlin, Shadowfax, Sk8er4life, Zyros, (some dewds from "V8") the rest of "MM" ... and anyone i forgot along the way.
Thanks to: Clem, Ares and Pope from "Creation" for the various things youve made availible to the community. "Badlands" for the intermittent rain effect. "The Crystal Knights" for the zerk taunt.
Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy. Snakebellywagonrut

THIS NEXT STATEMENT WILL RUIN THE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! dont read it until your stuck.


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