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Final Versions for:

1) Desert/Trow - DesertTrow_fs - includes classic versions of Desert, and Trow (including the Myrmidon, thanks to Malory of the Codex), as well as some really nice new stuff. The texture is the old Myth_TFL texture, so get back in the game.

2) Mudpit Massacre 2 - Mudpit2_fs - A modified Mudpit Massacre texturemap with more water and new slopes. It includes 2 team, 6 team, and 16 team (riot) versions. It includes Balin, the original pathfinder, as well as some new grenades for the ghols to use in ghol riot. So, please check it out.

These files are in the Myth II - Soulblighter/Myth II Maps folder. I know they are decent sized downloads, but they are well worth it. The talents of El Bastard, Khaavren, Vodi, and Malory are included within these maps.

El B - redid the pregames since the final candidate versions, thus providing a better color palette and cool effects. El B also did the Pathfinder conversion, which I tuned abit to get as close as I could to the feel of the old Balin.
Khaavren - came up with the Mortar Dwarf Minelayer unit, which I modified a bit to balance it and give it a realisitic feel. At my request, Khaav also came up with those groovy morphing grenades for ghol riot. This guy is fearless.
Malory - converted the myrmidon. Go Mal, and he was kind enough to let me use it. You can find Mal at the Myth Codex.

I have also completed a conversion that iggy popped started - making the cannon a moving, working, balanced unit. The cannon is the assassin unit on some maps, so have fun with it.

Thanks for downloading.

First Ephor
The Fellowship of Stoneheim

These files are currently availably all good hotline sites related to myth.

All appropriate graphics (C) 1997, 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Portions of these Plugins made with Fear and/or Loathing (C) 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Note: Bungie is serious about the above notice. Please make sure you include that on your own maps.

I would also like to thank Vodi for the use of prerelease versions of Amber 2, which made revising the pregames and overhead fast and easy. Support Vodi, and only good things will come.

Fixes since the Final Candidate releases:

Fixes since Mudpit Massacre 2_FC2:
- fixed cameras (thanks Cult, Kag, Rahl)
- fixed Summoner (thanks Attack Cat, Rahl, Stormtalon)
- Removed all the marathon tags (makes for a smaller download, El B's Carnage still has them)
- Mudpit Levels (except for Ghol Riot) no longer catch fire (thanks Rahl)
- CtF and BoP games fixed (thanks Cult)
- add m0bie, the great wight trow hunt (thanks to Captain Ahab Kag)
- fixed the water (terrain) settings (thanks everyone, but loathing is not making this easy for any of us)
- fixed the hunted deer bug by removing the deer (thanks Cult)
- Fixed the assassin targets, especially the Summoner unit, so that things are balanced and work the way I had intended.

Fixes since Desert/Trow_FC1:
- Fixed all the default units so that the numbers are right now. (Thanks Kag, Stormtalon)
- Removed the Marathon units (again to save space)
- Fixed the assassin targets (they are sort of a novelty now)
- Fixed the Dwarf Hero - so that he is worth the right amount of trading points.

More stuff goes here, more thanks to everyone who helped, and I hope we all survive this game.

And thanks to my wife, Trillian. She plays myth, and while you make pick on me all you want, be nice to her because she is the nicest, warmest, and most generous person. And she'll kick yer butt when you least expect it. :)

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