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Mudpit Massacre v1.0

Mudpit Massacre was a fantastic map created for Myth : The Fallen Lords. When Myth II : Soulblighter was released, I was dissapointed to discover that MM had not been included with it, so I set out to port it. It was originally intended to be released at the same time as M2 (I was working on it during the beta test), but due to circumstances beyond my control, work was slow. For a long period the project was dormant, until I finally decided recently to put the finishing touches on it.

It remains true to the original version save for the following changes:

- the fir'bolg are equipped for fire arrows
- the terrain has been completely redone to accomodate fire
- units leave tracks in the mud
- two new meshes which eliminate the Center starting point for regular and Stampede/KOTH play.

Most of the work on Mudpit Massacre was spent converting the Myrmidon and fir'bolg from Myth : TFL. I have also publicly released these units and they are available at http://www.mythcodex.com

Special thanks to:

- Bungie!
- Ferrex & Badlands for their technical help.
- The VRHL crew for their support, ideas and wackiness.
- The few beta testers
- The funk soul brother

- Malory
- malory@mythcodex.com

Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Malory, malory@mythcodex.com


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