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Mudpit Massacre Public Beta 1   -- (January 23, 1999)


Place the "mmpb1" plugin into your "plugins" folder in your "Myth II" folder. Make sure everyone has their plugin installed before starting your game.

General Notes:

"Mudpit Massacre" and "Mudpit Massacre (Dark)" are the two original styles of Mudpit. Differences from the original include: addition of Hunting and flaming arrows. I plan to remove the flaming arrows in the future so that they only appear on the Legendary difficulty level.
"Mudpit Massacre (No Center)" and "Mudpit Massacre (Dark, No Center)" are, well, versions of the map without a center starting spot. Thus, Stampede and KOTH are enabled on these maps.


Do not be afraid to voice your opinion, whether it be qualms about flag placement, bugs, feature requests, or whatever. If you want changes to be made, you must let me know. Please submit all bugs or feedback to malory@mythcodex.com
This map contains Myrmidon v1.0 converted from Myth:TFL. If there are any bugs with that unit specifically, I am the person to address concerning them.


- Malory

- http://www.mythcodex.com
- malory@mythcodex.com

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