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Ported by M0bitz with TONS AND TONS of help from El Bastard, Khaavern, Ripp, Pythos, Omac, Neurotic, Pooh Bear, Moliere and the rest of the Fellowship of Stoneheim.

This plugin contains two maps ported from Myth: The Fallen Lords (M_TFL), Mudpit Massacre and For Carnage Apply Within. A lot of effort has gone into making an accurate port of the maps. I believe this has been achieved as much as is possible, given the differences between the two engines of M_TFL and MII_SB.

With this release, I have also included 4 new meshes, for two-team play:
Mudpit Massacre (2-Team)
Mudpit Massacre (2-Team Dark)
For Carnage Apply Within (2-Team)
For Carnage Apply Within (2-Team Dark)
The flag placement has been adjusted on the two maps to be sure the focus isn't solely on the middle hill, and to maximize the fun!


1. Faithful color, displacement, passibility for both maps. Imported all of these from M_TFL, including a high-resolution displacement map.
2. Accurate scenery, and ambient sounds. 100% accurate scenery placement. Scenery scaled and tweaked for MII_SB engine. Imported a few sounds from M_TFL that were missing in the available sounds from MII_SB.
3. Made tags to properly simulate M_TFL weather conditions, including importing rain from M_TFL.
4. 100% accurate port of two units, the fir'Bolg and the Myrmidons.
5. Properly scaled MII units to the size appropriate for M_TFL maps...including all their projectiles and body parts.
6. Tweaked MII units to behave and fight like M_TFL units. Every aspect of each unit was considered.
7. Added M_TFL character flavors, and Journeyman vocals to be complete as possible.
8. Adjusted certain projectiles like Dwarf bottles, and pus packets to act more like M_TFL projectiles. In other words, you can again carpet bomb your foes on Carnage (Dark), and bottles go flying in multi-bottle explosions.

I took some liberty with the following:

1. Included a Dorf Riot mesh for Mudpit, and a Slugfest mesh for Carnage. The Dorf Riot mesh is as close to the original one (by Havok-ise-zumi/Ripp), though I've included sacrificial pigs. The Slugfest mesh is just as you remember it, but now nobody can ruin a game of Slugfest, by choosing the wrong units.
2. Included the Chimera fir'Bolg collection to offer smoother unit animations for the fir'Bolg.
These hopefully add to the experience, without taking any of the fun out of it.


There is a major difference in the way M_TFL and MII_SB handles water. In M_TFL, the watermask map defines water, and the reflection map, which is automatically generated by the original Loathing application, defines reflection. In other words, you can have a very odd shaped body of water, that splashes and snuffs out bottles, but parts of it may not show a reflection.

In MII_SB, the reflection and watermask maps have been combined into one. So, either a given cell in MII_SB is water or dry land...nothing in-between is allowed. This has shown to be a major obstacle in creating a totally accurate M_TFL experience.

To counter these differences, I have made a new watermask for the Carnage meshes. This created water that is nearly accurate to the original, though the water does overlap the land a few "inches" (inches, are from a units' perspective) in some places.

For the Mudpit (Dark) mesh, I had to adjust the displacement map a bit, to keep the Soulless from "jumping" from one height to another as it crosses into a media region, then out again. Simply adjusting the media height would not do, as there were various terrain heights at the edges of the media regions.

All of these changes probably won't be noticeable to the average Myth player. They certainly don't take away any of the fun, and strategic possibilities these maps offer. But, as I intended this project to be as true and faithful to the original as could be, I wanted to let everyone know what the differences were.


Incorporated the Chimera fir'Bolg for smoother fir'Bolg animations.
Created 4 new meshes, all two-team meshes for the light and the dark, on Mudpit Massacre and For Carnage Apply Within.
Brought back the original M_TFL pregame pictures. I wanted people to feel thrown back in time.
With the Meef Mastah's help (Khaavren), I was able to bring back the original satchel mesh effects.
Removed the "Blade Cannon" from the Dorf Riot mesh, as it strayed too far from the original design.
You can now destroy the pigpen on the Dorf Riot Mesh.
Fixed a TON of nagging bugs with the original release.


Initial public release...met to enthusiastic review. =)


I hope the experience is what you remember of M_TFL. Please enjoy these maps, and know that I am always open to suggestions and help, to make these conversions even better...=)

- M0bitz, of the Fellowship of Stoneheim

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