; Mythgraveyard

 By Bungie Software 2001.

Morass de los Tacticians y Heroes was made by Hpaco and Oldtrow.

Special thanks to Clem, Texture.forest.cz, and 3dcafe. For much needed information and textures

Morass de los Tacticians is the Dark maps
Morass de los Heroes is the Light maps

Soulless have a Special now.

Also, thanks to all beta testers, and Hpaco/oldtrows good friends.

-Orbital, nepo, bruce, ryan, nef, matty, evil dead, all M.o.D, Suicide Schit Clan members (Ss), TSC, P, and who ever we're forgetting. Thx, all of you and hope to see you all on Myth 3.

Cmap - Hpaco
thoughts and and ideas - Oldtrow
Mesh work - Hpaco

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