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Monuments Of Myth v1.0
A set of six (6) multiplayer meshes for Myth II: Soulblighter. By William Wallet Zebonka Kellogs of McCoolness.

1. Introduction
Thursday 29th May 2003
On 25-26th May I made a couple of multiplayer maps for TFL. However, because of problems springing up left right and center, and the impending launch of Myth II 1.4, I decided to scrap the whole project.
I decided to salvage it and throw it all into a Myth II plugin instead. Because it was all already there, it only took an hour or two to transfer my work into Myth II.
And here it is: Monuments Of Myth.

Each mesh is playable with MOST gametypes; but like with most maps this doesn't mean you'll necessarily want to play all of the gametypes available. They're just there for experimentation purposes.

I guess it's fitting to mention the 'monuments' themselves (note that on the overhead map they look like big grey turds). You could say anything really... 'they were placed all over our land by an ancient race'... or if nothing comes to mind, you could always fall back on... 'their history is shrouded in the mists of time'...

2. The Meshes Themselves

There are three (3) colourmaps, all made from the same picture. In each map the stone circle is present. It's basically the same thing at Covenant, the Stair of Grief and Myrgard.

The units in these two meshes reflect the Covenant levels of TFL (apart from the bowmen, the unit selection is pretty much like TFL. These were originally made for TFL, and as such I wanted to keep the feel the same).
One mesh gives you Light units only. The other gives you Dark units.

The first mesh 'North of Bryrgard' gives the player a mixture of Light and dark units.
The second mesh 'South of Myrgard' sticks you with either Light or Dark units - making it very much a Dwarves vs. Ghls affair.

I named the snowy meshes in reference to the Berserks/Kithless once being 'family'. Ain't I bright?
Anyway, 'Friends' is a map which gives you a mix of Light/Dark.
Family gives one team a set of Light units of the same type as in Bagrada. The other team is given a simple Dark team.

With each mesh, Assassin is available. On the meshes South of Myrgard and We Can't Choose Our Family, the assassin units match up with whatever team they're on... for example:
The Dwarves are led by a Dwarf Hero, whereas the Ghls are led by a slightly bigger Ghl.
Apart from that, units are unaltered. I deliberately avoided making maps with '20 alrics and fifty Trow and etc...'

3. NECESSARY LEGAL STUFF (I'm told it's necessary, anyway.)

Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter are trademarks of Bungie Software Products Corporation. Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by William Wallet Kellogs Zebonka (McCoolness). Anything someone else didn't do is by me. Inversely, anything that I didn't do is by Bungie. All rights reserved.

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