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Mermaids 1.0

Copyrightę 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Corporation

The Mermaids are nice little gals who are truly sorry for luring so many seamen to their deaths...heh, heh...

They have the special ability to heal en masse; pack all of your injured men together and heal the one in the middle. Anyone close will get healed. Useful against tightly-packed undead units. It costs all of her mana.

Her main attack is a magical strike that cannot be healed.

Major weaknesses? Sure! She can't move on land, only in water.

You have my permission to use her in any way your fiendish little minds desire. I don't even ask that you give me credit, unless you really want to. Modify and distrubute her to anyone, anywhere; put her on maps; do whatever.


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