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Created by Matthew J Redding (themjr@hotmail.com)

To play my maps, place the plug-in file inside the Plugins Folder of your Myth II directory. To host a game, simply select the desired mesh from the list of available maps. All players must have the map plug-in to join your game.

Available at The Mill (mill.bungie.org)


Thanks for downloading Megalithic. I have created 3 new units which complement the mythical Celtic theme of Megalthic. Druids, Wenches and Crossbowmen. Here is some important information about the map and units.

The standing stones of Megalithic possess great power. The Druids have a great understanding of the stones and have cast a spell to banish all other undead or magical units (Stygian Knights, Wights and Soulless) from the central stone cicle.

Druids :
To cast the ignite spell the Druid has to target a unit and cannot attack the ground.
Druids are not immune to fire damage, but are more resiliant than most units.
Druids can perform healing with mandrake root.

They are tough melee fighters and have a better than average resistance to explosives.
Wenches burn well.

Crossbow bolts are heavier than arrows so they have a shorter range.
However, the crossbow fires bolts quicker at greater speed.
It is a good idea to give you man a clear shot.
Crossbowmen have to reload after firing which makes them vulnarable.
Reloading is slightly slower than a bowman.


"Megalithic" is a third-party map plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter. Copyright 1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Fear and Loathing by Matthew J Redding (themjr@hotmail.com).

This plug-in is meant to be distributed and used free-of-charge by owners of the Myth II: Soulblighter game.

SPECIAL NOTE: Elements contained within this map plug-in may not be extracted for your own maps without permission from Matthew J Redding (themjr@hotmail.com).

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