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Unlike the Magma Plains plugin, this gor contains only a redone coop of Mazzarin's Demise and has no multi-player net maps.

Almost 100 improvements, changes and surprises have been made, but the major ones are:

1. It now supports a limit of eight players instead of six.
2. The Light units have been made approximately 50% stronger.
3. There are 25% more Dark units and the pace at which they spawn is 25% faster.
4. Simple difficulty now removes only the Heron Guard. Timid also removes Mazzarin.

Have fun with the new Mortar Dwarf!

This plugin is dedicated to all the people who helped beta-test it live and in person. You know who you are.


Original Mesh - Bungie Software
Mesh Conversion - ChrisP and Max Rebo
Unit Conversion - Losk
Scenery Conversion - Losk
Scripting - ChrisP
Unit and Scenery Placement - ChrisP
Color Map Alterations - Deadman
Shadow Mapping - ChrisP
Special Projectiles and Effects - Deadman and ChrisP
Tag Editing - ChrisP and Deadman
Pregame Art - Oroboros
Sound Editing - Grasshopper
Music - Micheal Andrews' 'Manipulated Living' from the 'Donnie Darko' soundtrack
7+ player bug fix - Deadman
Concept - ChrisP and Father Merrin

Please include this readme when distributing this plug-in. Myth is a trademark of Bungie Corporation. Fear and Loathing are also Bungie trademarks and they were used in part to make this plugin.

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