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"Manistee Paintball Challenge"


1:There is no healing in paintball.

2:It only takes 3 hits to eliminate an opponent.

3:Unit ducking with shrinking selection. Just use taunt.

4:Manistee Paintball Challenge is also set up to allow a second player to play the AI`s team. You can find this map right underneath the *MPC Multi-Player* Map by UN-Checking 'Use single player levels' box.

5:Paintballs are not very accurate, with many things affecting their flight. Dimples, temperature, humidity, out of round, wind, paint in the barrel, amount of Co2 in gun, etc. Hence even though it MAY APPEAR you should have hit/eliminated an opponent, the paintballs may have dipped and dived around the opponent, or may have even 'bounced' off.

6:The tall trees I created for this map interfere with line of sight making for difficulties in tracking your opponent, as well as your own units. Its highly recommended you set your presets before venturing away from your flag.

7:Unit formations have been spread out to eliminate unit clumping and to minimize your chances of loosing all your units to a single paint grenade. If you dislike these formations, just open up Fear, find the Formations tag, open it, then select OK. This will put a default Myth Formations Tag into your local and override the MPC Plugin Formation.

----- HINTS: -----

1:Should you feel the need for more firepower, just taunt within 10 W.U.`s of your flag.

2:Friendly Fire is not so friendly. Keep tight tabs on your units formations.

3:Use your TaunT key to cause your units to duck for cover.

4:Hide your pump snipers and try to draw your opponent in with your semi`s.

5:Two units are better than one. Always look to set up a crossfire whenever possible.

6:Dud Paint Grenades can be "Re-Thrown", but can be very "Un-Stable".

7:Shoot and Move. Shoot and Move. Once seen by the enemy, hiding is useless.

8:Its best to fallback until the smoke clears if your opponents are hidden within.

Salutations & Good Luck.

12:00 PM 8/20/02

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