; Mythgraveyard

 This is my first attempt at mapmaking. i used Adobe photodelux 2.0
I want to thank any people from the myth community who took time to answer my questions
specifically: Zyros The Dark Elf, for creating the HellHound. General Pepper, for teaching me how to make the lava projectile. Capt. Red, for (lots of answers). Oogabooga,for (volumes of info) and long lasting friendship. The Pope from creation, for his splotchy rocks. Clem, for making me realize that asking without researching questions is a waste of peoples time. Mindfad, for being the first in our order to produce a map. My entire order, for being cool people especially Zyros for forming it with me and being a great inspiration. Bungie for making this great game and fear and loathing. any people i might have missed.... and the whole myth2 community (mostly).

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with bungies Fear and Loathing by Snakebellywagonrut. dropfrommyfinger@globalserve.net

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