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The Maps:

Dead of Winter
See the special limitation below. No other changes.

Still of Winter
Two team map with unit trading reminscent of RIP Light, but with Ghasts instead of Warriors.
Timid allows no Forest Giants, Simple adds a free one and Normal adds Two.

Heart of Winter
Two team map slightly reminscent of Keep Max. Simple adds a free Heron Guard Hero. Normal
adds a free Forest Giant. Heroic and Legendary add more free Heron Guard Heroes.

Dreggs of Winter
Two team map of basic Light units... and a Dispersal Dream stone.

Spell of Winter
Two start Dark map. Heroic features the mighty Myrk Giant for the first time in a Magma map.
Legendary adds two Archer Heroes.

Special limitation:

Myth TFL has a greater propensity for Out of Sync errors. In order to reduce these types of
errors, some of the army sizes were slightly reduced from the original M2 version of Dead of


Original Mesh - Bungie Software
Mesh Conversion - Max Rebo
Unit and Scenery Conversion - Losk
Reflect Mapping - ChrisP
Scripting - Losk
Tag Editing - Losk
Unit Selections - ChrisP and Max Rebo
New Pregames - Max Rebo and ChrisP
Beta Testing - ÁDog, SJ and the Alkema

Please include this readme when distributing this plug-in. Myth is a trademark of Bungie Corporation. Fear and Loathing are also Bungie trademarks and were used in part to make this

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