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Project Magma proudly welcomes the talents of veteran map maker - Deadman of MIA and The Cartography Brigade. 

The Maps:

Stomping Grounds
Six start insanity!
Timid gives you only one Myrk Giant.
Simple adds a Trow.
Normal adds a Forest Giant.
Heroic adds 19 Pathfinders and one "Russian Roulete" Dwarf (Looks like a Pathfinder but carries 30 satchels instead of air-strike flares.)
Legendary adds two Archer Heroes.

Camping Grounds
Six starts, lots of melee, ghols, puss and dispersal stones!
No changes with difficulty settings.

Proving Grounds
No major changes from the original.

Killing Gounds
No major changes from the original.

Grounds for Assault
Light team map with a few Myrkridia to spice things up.
No changes with difficulty settings.


Original Mesh - Bungie Software
Mesh Conversion - ChrisP and Deadman
Unit Conversion - Losk
Scenery Conversion - Losk and Deadman
Model Conversion - Losk
Scripting - Losk
Unit, Scenery and Model Placement - Deadman
Reflection Mapping - ChrisP and Deadman
Shadow Mapping - Deadman
Special Projectiles and Effects - Deadman
Tag Editing - Losk and Deadman
Unit Selections - ChrisP
New Pregames - Deadman
Beta Testing - ÁDog and SJ

Please include this readme when distributing this plug-in. Myth is a trademark of Bungie Corporation. Fear and Loathing are also Bungie trademarks and they were used in part to make this plugin.

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