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1. Do NOT attempt to play it with more than six players; it will crash Myth!
2. It is NOT designed to be played on Timid or Simple; you will only receive four archers.
3. To access it for the first time, in multi-player game options, hold the space bar down in a text field while clicking on the Single Player button.
4. Keep telling yourself it can be beat on Legendary. ;)

This plugin is dedicated to the creators of Mnet, Marius and Conner.

The Maps:

Strife on the Plains
Protect your base. Collect roots.
No changes with difficulty settings.

Riot on the Plains
A ten start Ghol riot with lots of goodies spread across the map.
Timid gives you 4 Ghols.
Simple or Normal adds 2 more Ghols.
Heroic adds 10 Thrall.
Legendary adds 2 more Ghols.

Slaughter on the Plains
Five start FFA.
No changes with difficulty settings.

Demise on the Plains
No major changes from the original.
No changes with difficulty settings.

Mazzarin's Demise
The first of a kind epic coop.
Don't try it at home by yourself!
See warnings above!


Original Mesh - Bungie Software
Mesh Conversion - ChrisP and Max Rebo
Unit Conversion - Losk
Scenery Conversion - Losk
Scripting on Mazzarin's Demise - ChrisP
Unit and Scenery Placement - ChrisP and Max Rebo
Shadow Mapping - ChrisP
Special Projectiles and Effects - Deadman and ChrisP
Tag Editing - ChrisP
Unit Selections - ChrisP
New Pregames - Oroboros and ChrisP
Concept for Mazzarin's Demise - ChrisP and Father Merrin
Concept for Strife on the Plains - 'Your Kids'
Beta Testing - ÁDog, SJ, Oroboros, woof, Pistol Pete, Giliath, Atom Bomb - THANKS GUYS!

Please include this readme when distributing this plug-in. Myth is a trademark of Bungie Corporation. Fear and Loathing are also Bungie trademarks and they were used in part to make this plugin.

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