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Where Heroes Dare

Created by Ken Hodgman (aka Mormith on B.net)

Important Changes:
After having a chance to play these maps with the public, I've been able to gather info on what people wanted. As a result, I've changes 3 maps. If you were one of the many people that gave me input, thanx, these revisions are for you.

New For Where Heroes Dare: Read This!
Where Heroes Dare now has three versions. "Normal" has the same troops as the original release minus 2 archer heroes. This was my original idea and I've gone back to it. "Plus" has zerks instead of warriors and warriors instead of thrall, but retains the original 6 archer heroes. "Max" has a forrest giant and more points to trade with, everything else is the same as "Plus." Lastly, "heroes" has been spelled correctly, I can't believe I never noticed it, go figure? It's what the people asked for, it's what the people are getting:)

You should know the drill by now. Decompress, put in the plugins folder and play.

This is one of the handful of maps I've created for Myth TFL by Bungie. They were all created with MythTech (thank you Mitch Crane!), Despair (thank you Kris Amico!) and any graphics programs that I could find.

Design and Future:
All my maps use the standard troops. This is for simplicity of play and because I'm lazy (not too lazy to make custom troops, too lazy to learn the special abilities of 20 modified Zerks on 20 different maps.)

They all have 5 starting locations, are the size of Carnage and support the games that Carnage supports. Why? Because that's the map size and game types I enjoy most.

None of my maps contain "one shot gimmics." Those are the things that make people go "Wow cool!" the first three times they are played, but get old fast.

All the maps have been tested as best I can, but I'm sure there are things that I didn't think of. If you find a problem, please email me. If you have any suggestions, email me. If you want light or dark versions of the maps (or enough people protest) I'll make them. With that said, have fun.

*** Oh, almost forgot the mean and nasty sounding stuff. Yes, I will fly off the handle if someone distributes these works without this read me or if someone changes some small thing and starts claiming they created the maps. I hope the map making community will back me up on that as there is really a ton of work involved in making a map.

Self promotion portion: If you happen to be someone (or know someone) that is looking for a person to do this kind of work for them (like a game company), hey, I'm all ears. I'd love to do this kind of thing for a living:)

Have fun, say hello to me on Bnet.

-> Ken Hodgman (aka Mormith)
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