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The Maps:

Drowned Empire
No changes from the original Myth2 varient.

Drowned Kingdom
See Special limitation #2 below. No other changes from the original Myth2 varient.

Drowned Realm
A varient similar to Unity2's Beggar's Slugfest. Heroic difficulty adds Wights. Legendary adds
a Trow.

Drowned Province
A two team Light varient. Heroic and Legendary add free Wights... and lots of them.

Drowned Domain
Six Starts in a Dark flavor. The first map to include Warlocks. Note that wights are invisable
on the Overhead map. Simple, Normal, Heroic and Legendary difficulties all add free Dwarf

Special limitations:

1. Myth TFL reflect maps (the part of the mesh that defines media or water) are limited in the
number of corners they can generate when it comes to defining the shape and area of a body of
media. The original Drowned mesh has some gigantic areas of water with twisting shorelines
and islands. As such, the TFL engine couldn't handle it. The solution to this problem was to
remove several of the islands in order to decrease the amount of "shoreline".

2. Myth TFL has a greater propensity for Out of Sync errors. In order to reduce these types of
errors, some of the army sizes were reduced from the original M2 version of Drowned


Original Mesh - Bungie Software
Mesh Conversion - ChrisP
Unit and Scenery Conversion - Losk
Scripting - Losk
Tag Editing - Losk
Unit Selections - ChrisP
New Pregames - ChrisP
Beta Testing - ÁDog, SJ and the Alkema

Please include this readme when distributing this plug-in. Myth is a trademark of Bungie Corporation. Fear and Loathing are also Bungie trademarks and were used in part to make this

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