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Myth Football League: The Myth Bowl II

Copyright© 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Corporation

This map is basically the same as the original MFL map, but the Trow, assassin target, and hunting targets were changed to accomidate those who do not like large numbers of powerful units. Now, in place of the twelve Trow and one Trow Hero there is one Myrkridia Giant and 0/5 Fetch. The unarmed Soulblighter assassin target was replaced with a Berserk Hero, and the hunting targets are now deer, spiders, squirrels, and wolves rather than Shades, Summoners, Myrkridia, and Mahir. There are still Thrall.

(Personally, I like having lots of Trow and other powerful units—like Soulblighter—the reason I made this map in the first place. But I believe in having something for everyone.)

NOTE!!!: I have NO WAY of testing this thing with both players until it is distributed and I can find someone to play it with me. All I could do to test was go in the map alone, and that only puts one team on. It worked fine as far as I could tell.

This 2-starting location map features a large number of units, as well as a wide variety. I modeled the map after a football field, sort of. The two teams features are the Murthemne Mutilators and the Madrigal Mashers, but those names are only on the map and will not replace your own team name.

I do not advise playing with fewer than two people on each team. With the amount of units, it could get awfully hectic and confusing.

You are free to modify and redistribute the map if you so desire.

HINT: The shade dispersal dreams on the map can be thrown by Ghôl and explode on impact. There are two along the northern edge and two along the southern edge, as well as one in the center.

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