; Mythgraveyard

	Leagues from Nowhere
* Gave a 24s delay before stampede targets are controllable to improve playability (like on Gimble).
* Removed a couple of redundant tags so vTFL works properly.
* Replaced undersized overhead map.

Fosgarach Ruillick
* Removed a couple of megabytes of redundant tags.
* Stopped the thralls from comitting suicide whenever T is pressed; used standard thrall monster.
* Placed the smoke on the chimneys which they had forgotten to place alongside the smoke billowing sfx.
* Placed a couple of scenery items which had been forgotten about in one mesh.
* Renamed meshes so they would appear in a place in the list that won't conflict with other
* Toned down the volume of the offensively loud wasp buzzing sfx by 1/3rd.
* Changed tags around to make vTFL compatible.
* Made fir'Bolg punch like fir'Bolg instead of like Robocop.

Boil and Bubble
* The Mesh Parameters were wrong which meant the camera did the unpleasant thing of going off-map.
* The dark mesh, Toil and Trouble, has in the assassin gametype a Shade with a dispersal dream.
I have strong doubts about the playability of this map with dispersal dreams but instead of
removing it I have scripted it so only the "Timid" and "Simple" difficulty levels are without them.
I think this is a good resolution as this allows player choice by retaining the original situation
on the "Normal", "Heroic" and "Legendary" difficulty levels.
* Changed bowmen tags used so vTFL works.

Creep On The Borderlands
This plugin is an update of the Badlands' Creep port with the following improvements:
* Several missing gametypes added; placed scenery (trees) specific to assassin/stampede for balancing.
* Set the pregame picture to the one Bungie intended its Myth II port to have.
* Enabled vTFL to work without the compatibility warning.
* Used the original global ambient sound from TFL Creep.
* Used the correct TFL Creep media type (water) settings.
* Changed the map name back to "Creep On The Borderlands" as it is in TFL.
* Renamed mesh tag to appear in correct spot in list.
* Minor unit and tree placement fixes.
* Scenery now uses correct scalings.
* Added missing headpost scenery.

Phoenix Rising
* Recompiled to remove the vTFL compatibility warning.

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