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This plugin is a modification of Shiver for LYCHE. New sounds, string lists and death were included. I liked a lot. I put them in the place of the fetchs. I will improve her later.

A question: Was Watcher who created Lyches, who is he then created Shiver later (because they are creatures totally identical)? Hmmm...


"Dragged to the edge of the well, she was questioned one last time, ‘Tell me where the rest of your coven lays, and you will be spared.’ She smiled as she spat into the Grand Cleanser’s face. The rough hands then hurled her screaming from the rocky precipice, into the freezing waters far below a fate which the Grand Cleanser planned for all practitioners of the black arts. Slowly she awoke in the cold waters, the tatters of her dress billowing and spinning. A voice had beckoned her. She drifted slowly towards the voice, until her glassy eyes could see the lanky figure standing on the edge of the well. The voice came again, ‘Serve me and you will have your revenge.’ The memory of hatred burning again, she drifted towards her new master"

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