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Unzip this file and put it in your plugin folder
What this PlUgin does........
LORD OF THE RINGS! the best book ever writtin,Myth 2 the best game ever made
Put them together and you have a very good mix
Ok, Garrick is nolonger Garrick he is now Bard, and peasents
Are much much smaller and hve hobbit names and flavor,
Archers are now Elivin Archers,
Dwarves Now have lord of The rings dwarf names,,,
Must of The spellings and flavors have been changed,and
All units now can walk on sloped terrian, but very slowly,
I thought this would be much more relistic, O ya Muals are now orcs
and Marih are now Ring Wriaths.

Expect more plugs from thee king under the crapper!
I must Return to my DOODIE!

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