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Lord of the Isles v1.0
by Alric Storm

A small set of plugins with great impact on gameplay. OMG HAX0R MB? I guess you could say that, although porting units from TFL does take a bit of determination(though I confess the fir'bolg are from Chimera), and I gave careful consideration to balanced gameplay throughout the creation of this*. Packaged as separate plugins within this download so that you can choose which units you want to activate. ;P
And sorry, this plugin doesn't have a whole lot to do with the fabulous Lord of the Isles novel by David Drake other than the Blood Eagles... you'll notice some familiar names.

The Units
Blood Eagle
Elite infantry unit that throws spears, much like Roman legionaries. Hit T to throw a javelin; in addition to the 3 that you start with you can pick up spent throwing spears from the ground**, either from Soulless or other Blood Eagles. He looks like a warrior (although the TFL sprites look a lot better) but fights far more furiously. Replaces: warriors, and other units with the extra plugins.
Fir'bolg Healer
Along with his longer bow range and automatic melee attack, this brave Bolg carries 6 mandrake roots with the capacity for 14. Replaces: journeymen
Humans trained by the Dwarves who hurl incendiary explosives and move about in a combat-ready run. Even their satchels start fires! Replaces: dwarves
Your ordinary fir'bolg archer, but with the addition of flaming arrows more often than not. Replaces: bowmen
Brought back from TFL, you won't realize how much you missed his bold upright stride and gallant cringing from ghols until he's all over the place. Replaces: walking peasant units.

*Blood Eagles are the only really innovative unit. They are excellent for those reckless charges we all love because their javelins allow them to take out offending dwarves, fetch, and warlocks before they are even a threat. If you ever have the good fortune to get a big team game with these units, be sure to have your Blood Eagle commander picking up spare javelins whenever possible.
**note however that three javelins is the maximum.

About extra plugins
The extra plugins included (Zerk2BloodEagle, Heron2BloodEagle, etc.), when activated ALONG WITH Blood Eagles v1.0, will change whatever unit they say they will. Activate Blood Eagles also if you use the additional plugs, or else you will most likely be bounced right back to the main menu screen of Myth with a sad loss of self-esteem. Or just maybe, possibly Myth will self-destruct, your computer will explode, and you will be carted off to the Hague for utter stupidity that could be harmful to humanity.

Author's Note
This is most likely my last creation in the world of mapmaking. I'd like to thank everyone I've encountered in the mapmaking community, especially my friends and betatesters. You know who you all are.

Legal Stuff
Copyright 2001 in whole or part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing (along with the blessed Amber and Tag Extractor) by Alric Storm (bla7des@yahoo.com)

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