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Lord Goda's Castle - Solo

This is a solo level for Myth2. Place the Plug in your plug-ins folder inside your Myth2 directory.

After start-up, hold down shift while pressing New Game. The solo Level should now be visible. Double click to play it.


The Pope ~LG~ : Concept, Map, Scripting, Unit Sprites and beta version of the Dark One Unit.

Cydonian ~LG~ : Final Dark One Unit(Fear)

Scott Page Pagter : Original Music used with permission. Scott had done lots of music for television programs including A&E Biography.

A note from the map maker:

Thanks for downloading this little gem. I hope you like it, as I think its a pretty fun romp. The Insane Music in this level was made originally for a Production of Hamlet that I directed, and I think it fits in rather well. The Dark One, originally intended to be Duncan Macleod of Highlander fame, has made his debut here instead. The Map he was GOING to be on ended up being the WWII map, Urban Assault. Hehe, thats how it goes.

Thanks, Cydonian, for leading through Fear land.

The Pope

Known BUGS: There's an annoying bug that plagues this level, it comes into play when you pause (esc) and try to restart the level. Its generally a Memory related issue, so if you have lots of RAM, you should be fine. If youre running a slow machine, or use virtual memory, get around the bug by saving your game normaly in play. To restart the level, just quit to the splash screen and load saved game.

Also, this map is available at Mill as a Net Map called, "Powder" .Consequently, if you have the Netmap plug in with this plug, you might experience some problems. Just remove Powder from the plugs folder and fire away.

Good luck.


Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: [Paul Schrier, pontif@mail.com]"

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