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HaravikkÕs Pack Of Warlocks by Iain Simms

Thanks for getting this download!
In this pack you will find four brand new warlocks!!!


Warlock of Earth - this guy sends out a ripple in the ground that causes an explosion when it hits something, he also
has a defense spell that ripples the ground.
Warlock of Hell's Fire - this warlock launches between twelve and fifteen small fireballs out of himself which home in
on their target, he also has a defense spell which causes confusion and then destroys
everything within a huge radius.
Warlock of Lightning - this dude shoots out a fireball that causes paralysis or confusion and sometimes turns units
purple as well as shoots lightning everywhere, he also has a lightning attack like the Deceiver's
in level 20.
Warlock of Stone - this nasty person's primary and secondary attack turns loads of units to stone, can't cause

Copyright Stuff

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear. This pack was created by Iain Simms of S Tech. S Tech and all instances of the S Tech logo contained therein are copyright Simms and Sweeney Technologies 2000. S Tech Myth II unit and creations division.

Please Contact Me!

Although you're not required to I'd appreciate it if you tell me where my units are being used, this doesn't apply if you're just adding them to maps that come with Myth II.

My Details

Name = Iain Simms
Country = Bonnie Scotland
E-mail = iain@w.simms.unisonfree.net
Web-site = http://pages.unisonfree.net/w.simms/index.html (phew!)

Again thank you very much for getting this.


Iain Simms

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