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Light vs. Dark version 1.1
What does this plug-in do? It enables multiplayer LvsD games on single player/co-op maps without the player having to mess around in Fear.

Okay, I know this is some amateur stuff! But I only quite recently found out how to host a LvsD game (that's when 2 or more people play a single player map, and one team controls the light army, and the other the dark amry), and I thought it was awesome - at first.

However, LvsD came with a horrible, horrible price. It took me an entire 5 seconds to change the flags in Fear to enable LvsD play for each map. My time is valuable, (I calculated it to .0005 an hour), and I knew there must be a better way to get that yummy multiplayer feeling after crushing an opponent with a single wave of Bre'unor on "Through the Ermine" than quitting Myth and changing the mesh tags while people waited for me on b.net! When I found out there wasn't, I decided to make a way. That would be this plug-in

And so began my epic quest to convert all the maps in Myth II: Soulblighter into LvsD maps. Many minutes passed as I slaved away at my computer, with only the vision of my completed masterwork haunting my fevered mind. When I emerged from the steaming bowels of Fear, my shaking mouse hand having just issued the command to "build plug-in", my soul rose with such
elation! From my suffering of work, many shall be spared the hardship of clicking those two flags a total of 54(!) times. whew

And then the testing began...

Version 1.1 eleminates the need for a tag extractor. I thought having it in plug-in form saves lots of space, but 1k just isn't worth the extracting process. Hope this solves some problems.

1. Copy the folder named "local" from the LvsD v1.1 folder, and place it in your Myth directory. If there is already a local folder there, simply remove it.
2. Get on Bungie.net and start a new game. Other people don't need the plug-in to play against you.
3. LvsD maps should appear in the multiplayer map selection box. Give the game a 30 min or longer time limit.
4. If you wish to play solo/co-op missions, remove the Myth local folder.
5. If you have any problems or bug reports, e-mail me at thermal_256@yahoo.com.


Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Thermal_256 -3C-, thermal_256@yahoo.com

Feel free to distribute LvsD as much as you like, jut include this readme (which actually took longer to make than the plug-in did).

Note: Some levels may have extreamly unbalanced forces, so mess around with the difficulty setting until you find the right mix. Also, some levels will not work if you don't follow the story line; so don't go doing things like rushing Alric with Soulblighter on "Twice Born" or blocking the side entrance on "Into the Breach"! That would be evil. Fun, but evil. Also, building up all of your dark forces for one massive rush is encouraged, unless I'm playing against you.

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