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This plugin changes Light Units to Dark.

Some of the light and dark units have been changed to make it harder and to give a small
group of dark units a chance.

Willow Creek peasant -ghast

Salvation peasant-ghast


Garrick-a supped stygian knight

Gonen’s Bridge war-stygian knight

Landing at white walls alric-shade

Through the erime (sry bout sp) zrek-stygian knight

The Deceiver- Shiver

Phelot- alric’s twin brother ( (more on that later)

Alric- Soulblighter


Archer Hero-Soulless hero



Dwarf Hero-Fetch Hero

Dwarf Pathfinder-wight


Ghol-Dwarven Mortar

Heron Guard-Myrkridia

Heron Guard Hero- Mrk Giant

Journeyman-Bre’Unor Shaman

Stygian Knight-Heron Guard



Trow-Mrk giant


Warlock Hero-Cannon

Wight-Suicide Dwarf

Most of the Light enemy units you will face are pretty much unchanged.
The Warriors, Berserks, and Herons all have faster attacks now and a Heron can single
handily kill one of your Mrks.

The Suicide Dwarf drops a live mortar and explodes so in ÒThe WallÓ always keep a fetch
to blast those Duffs since they will destroy the wall faster than wights would have.

The Bre’Unor Shaman and small mrks have healing abilities and hitting t will use a root and
heal a area, be careful though not to have your undead things around or they will die.

The soulless have a special Javelin that makes a pus could and sets the ground of fire, so
use it against groups of enemys, the only units not affected are trow, Alric, The Deceiver,
Shiver and Soulblither.

The Fetchs have the ability to put 10 satchels at once so use it when you can.

The Dwarven Mortar Heros have a special ability that is a double trow kick at close range
so use it when enemys are close.

The cannon and Soulless hero have a exploding beach ball (like a Wight explosion) but is
unpredictable, as a special abilty.

Shiver has been weakened to make the lvl ÒShiverÓ harder when all your guys are dead.
Shiver only has her whisper dream.

Soulblighter has been weaken a lot but has a special chain lighting attack as his special.

The ThrallÕs special is throwing an axe.

The MaulÕs special is throwing a club.

Some lvls are really easy, but most are very hard and challenging

I hope you have fun and look for my upcoming Dark&Dark and Light&Light plugins.

My thanks to the testers who helped me with editing


Made with BungieÕs Fear and Loathing

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